Nuget 2.0 upgrade

by rakucms 25. August 2012 10:42


Updated to nuget 2.0 for package management and website upgrade function 

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CodeMirror and TinyMCE upgrades are available

by rakucms 26. March 2012 14:36


CodeMirror and TinyMCE upgrade nuget packages have been published , RakuCMS version 1.69 or above can use embedded modules manager to check and install .

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Download Nuget package behind firewall

by rakucms 9. March 2012 13:38


To download Nuget package or update website itself when RakuCMS is running behind firewall , need to define defaultProxy section in web.config like below.

<proxy proxyaddress ="" bypassonlocal="True" usesystemdefault="True" />

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Integration NuGet with RakuCMS

by rakucms 22. January 2012 14:59

Nuget is a pretty cool plugin management framework for Dotnet development and it is also integarted with VS closely to manage gorwing extensions automatically for developer. The idea is then natural how to make it part of RakuCMS to allow people to extend the platform by installing various packages without downloading them seperately . It took a while to develop this new feature and now I am quite happy to say that is one major featuire for coming new release .

From the list view, you can see what are installed and what packages are available for installation from different package providers.

Another cool feature added is self update function so just one click can upgrade RakuCSM to another version.

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