Bug fix release is available for auto update

by rakucms 26. March 2012 15:45


RakuCMS version 1.6.9 or above can update itself in site management console by just one click to site configuration icon in the right admin panel.This package includes only necessary updated assembly file.

After installation and you can confirm version information in bottom of site management console.

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CodeMirror and TinyMCE upgrades are available

by rakucms 26. March 2012 14:36


CodeMirror and TinyMCE upgrade nuget packages have been published , RakuCMS version 1.69 or above can use embedded modules manager to check and install .

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Download Nuget package behind firewall

by rakucms 9. March 2012 13:38


To download Nuget package or update website itself when RakuCMS is running behind firewall , need to define defaultProxy section in web.config like below.

<proxy proxyaddress ="http://myproxy.com:8080" bypassonlocal="True" usesystemdefault="True" />

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