DIrect download updated

by rakucms 23. February 2012 00:45


The direct download is updated to 1.6.9 in


RakuCMS 1.6.9 released

by rakucms 18. February 2012 01:13


It is a minor bug fix release for layout template opening problem 


RakuCMS 1.6.6 released

by rakucms 10. February 2012 11:53


I am happy to announce version 1.6 release and it includes quite bug fix and new features implemented .

- Nuget support for third-party extension autiomatic installation

- One click to update website 

- Generate sitemap automatically 

- Html module can generate cleaner HTML code output 

- New editor CodeMirror are added 

- Login module support NTLM integration for enterprise intranet

- Layout templates are stored in directory strcuture 

- XML module can provide pure data access 

- Performance increased by more code optimization direct , script and css compression etc 

- Support installation as IIS web application

And you can discover it by installing from Microsoft Web Gallery and direct download


New installation wizard for URL re-writer configration

by rakucms 8. February 2012 13:09


If the application is installed under a website with an application name ,it needs to modify web.config manualy but now one wizard page is developed to make the modification automatically . 

The first time you run application say /localhost/RakuCMS (RakuCMS is IIS application name) then below page will be displayed in details. After the configuration is done just change web.config security option to default.

Still  this application will not work under virtual directory , it must be installed as an application.

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