Plan for the next phase

by rakucms 27. October 2010 11:35
  • Multi site function complete 
  • Navigation enhancement to support multi level 
  • Content import/export wizard
  • Remote content local cache implementation
  • Remote publish function
  • Template html cleaning 
  • Improve performance by better page cache and gzip compress 
  • Site security management enhancement
  • Remove preview function for images/binary files 
  • Separate page and security configuration
  • Implement Website auto upgrade function
  • Provide Sitemap for search engine
  • Versioning for page/templates

I will plan it into small release phases .


Welcome to RakuCMS

by rakucms 27. October 2010 03:51

After 1 year development ,now it is available on the official website. There you'll find tutorials, documentation, tips and tricks and much more in near future. 


By RakuCMS